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Which scale

should I choose?

If you’re not sure of what scale to select,

I recommend that you describe a ‘mood’ that you like.

Different scales can represent different emotive qualities.

Some examples would include:

cheerful/uplifting/lighthearted or

mysterious/dark/suspenseful or compelling/epic/triumphant or jazzy/peaceful/meditative.

 Contact me and I'll be happy to explore different scale options that represent those descriptions and

narrow in on a scale that resonates with you.




Will you build any scale

that I request?




Within reason, yes. Once I receive your scale request I will reach out to you with possible layouts and frequency attributes of your scale that might affect the overall sound of your instrument. While I'm constantly expanding, my current note range

is from B2-E5




Do you ship worldwide?




Yes. Shipping within the United States costs $200. If you are outside of the U.S., please send an email to for a shipping quote to your country.




What’s the difference between nitrided and stainless steel?




I made a video explaining the differences in the two materials offered by Daniels Made Handpans:




How long does it take to receive my handpan after placing a custom order?




My current build time is between 2-4 months after your initial deposit. When it is finished, I will send you a short video of the instrument. Once I receive the final payment, your instrument will be shipped to you. 




What is your

return policy?




You may return your handpan within 14 days of receiving it unless it was damaged after opening. Return shipping will be at the cost of the buyer, and a 20% restocking fee will be subtracted from the refunded purchase price (exceptions are made for instruments with approved production defects)




How do I care

for my handpan?




Please consult these care guides

that are sent with all

 Daniels Made Handpans:




Do you offer

tuning services?




I offer retuning services for Daniels Made Handpans. I do not currently offer retuning services for handpans built by other makers. Please email info@danielsmadehandpans for more info on getting your handpan retuned.




What if my handpan gets damaged?




Depending on the extent of the damage, your handpan may be able to be repaired. This is determined

on a case by case basis.

Please send an email to 




Do you offer lessons for playing or making handpans?




At this time I do not offer lessons in playing or making handpans. I would recommend consulting playing tutorials on YouTube and information sharing groups on Facebook for makers here:




Can I pick up my Daniels Made Handpan in person?




Yes. If you are able to pick up in Boone, NC, I would be happy to meet you and give you

your handpan in person.




Do you offer

bottom shell notes?




Yes. Please fill out my custom order forms with a complete list of the notes that you desire. If you know which notes you'd like to have placed on the bottom, please put them in parentheses. 

Does anything else come with the purchase of a Daniels Made Handpan?


One HCT Evatek hardcase backpack 

One custom leather patch 'Daniels Made' hat

One 2 oz sample of Phoenix Handpan Oil

One micro-fibre cloth

*Prices do NOT include shipping*

Value Added Taxes and Customs Duties

are the responsibility of the buyer

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